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Spiritual Book: Spirits Speaking from the Heart - Inspiring Communications through Trance Mediumship

The following is the first of a number of spiritual books and ebooks given to us through spirit communication.

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Book - Spirits Speaking from the Heart - Inspiring Communications through Trance Mediumship, 268 pages approx. (Revised Second Edition Published 2006)

The original book has been redesigned in this second edition with a considerable amount of new information included. In particular it includes contributions from new Guest Speakers and information on architecture and how buildings are "constructed" in the Spirit World.

This book has also been published in German: Geister, die aus dem Herzen sprechen - Inspirierende Kommunikation durch Trance-Medium

Back Cover

"Spirits Speaking From The Heart" is a book that bridges the divide between two worlds. It is about the communications from an evolved Spirit Guide, Hai, and his group of spirit friends. The material is stunning in the variety and depth of its subject matter, ranging from everyday life and relationships, to the big social issues of our time. The spirit communicators have provided a picture, of what we can expect when we return to our spirit home. They give guidance on how to develop our own psychic faculties, bridge the communication divide between our worlds, and develop our spiritual character. Here you will find spirit communications from a wide cross section of humanity: People who were rich and famous, but also, at the other end of the spectrum, those who led a simple and humble life. What comes over consistently in this book is the natural and "human" feel to the communications. While openly sharing their own experiences and profound reflections on the human condition, the spirit communicators do nevertheless, show a profound sense of fun and are never far away from a laugh and a joke. The Spirit Group chose the title for this book. They wished to convey their love and concern for those of us on the earth plane and to express the enjoyment they obtain through their contact with human kind. This is a book to inspire and to reflect upon. It is also a book of hope and encouragement.

Paul McGlone is a trance medium through whom the "Phoenix Spirit Group" has been communicating for many years. Eileen teaches Reiki and co-ordinates the regular meditation/development groups at their Stockport home. Many years of trance work and facilitating development groups has given them vast insight into the subject.

(268 pages approx)

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"Revised Second Edition of Spirits Speaking from the Heart" is now available. Please Click Here to order.

We have done our best to keep the costs as low as we possibly could as our Spirit Group have always wished to reach out to as many people as possible and this applies to this book as with our other activities. The image for the book and its title were given to Paul while he was in trance. Through the title and the image the Spirit Group wish to express their love to everyone. This love and shared humanity are the basis for all their communications and their willingness to openly share their learning from their own experiences in the spirit world and while living upon this earth.

We give below some details to give you a little of the flavour of the book.

Outline of Contents of "Spirits Speaking from the Heart - Inspiring Communications through Trance Mediumship
(Second Edition, Published 2006) ISBN-10: 059538725X, ISBN-13: 978-0595387250

  • Eileen's note
  • Comments on the First Edition
  • Note on the Second Edition
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction

  • The Phoenix Spirit Group
  • Hai's Message

Part One: The Spirit World
  • Arriving in the Spirit World
  • Two Spirit Architects
  • Realms and Levels
  • Communications from Angels
  • Guides
  • More Questions

Part Two: Guest Speakers
  • Rab, Billy, Black Beard
  • Liberace
  • Charles Dickens
  • Fred
  • Johanson
  • Bobby, Henry, Harriet
  • Royalty: Mary, Elizabeth & Ted
  • Carol & Lopaz
  • Saint Rosalind
  • Ramadahn

Part Three
  • Developing Mediumship: The Early Days with Hai & Paul
  • Religion, Reality, the One Mind and Human Life
  • Conversations with the Phoenix Group
  • Hui Hai the Buddhist Abbot
  • A Selection of Blessings

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