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Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking in Moulton, Northwich, Cheshire, near Chester, Crewe, Runcorn, Warrington and Manchester

Tranquil Spirit Hypnotherapy - Qualified and Registered Hypnotherapist

Paul McGlone, BSc(Hons)Soc, DipCD, FETC, CertED, MTSH.Dip.(Hyp), HPD, GQHP, Cert NLP, Cert.PLR., GHR Reg

I am a hypnotherapist in Moulton, Northwich, Cheshire, near Chester, Crewe, Runcorn, Warrington and Manchester using hypnosis within hypnotherapy for a wide range of conditions including programmes to help you stop smoking. We are within easy traveling distance of Altrincham, Sale, Lymm, Knutsford, Holmes Chapel, Sandbach, Nantwich, Tarporley, Tarvin, Wilmslow and other towns in the Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire, and Lancashire areas.

Stop Smoking / Become a Non Smoker Hypnotherapy Programmes

Total Cost of One-off Hypnotherapy Session to Stop Smoking: 120

The main requirement is that you want to stop smoking and become a non smoker. If you are reading this you are already motivated. Hypnosis used within hypnotherapy can help you to quit smoking. A hypnotherapist can help you to utilise your inner resources to achieve success.

Approach to Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Programmes

A common misconception concerning the work of hypnotherapists is that they simply use hypnosis to plant a direct suggestion in a person's mind eg: in this case, to no longer wish to smoke or for the urge to reduce. In actual fact, in order to be successful, hypnotherapy requires a more in depth approach exploring a person's motivations to stop smoking, occasions on which they smoke, etc.

This requires an approach tailored to the individual. Research indicates that approaches tailored to the individual smoker are much more effective. The many stop smoking recordings ( incorporating hypnosis and self hyopnosis ) on CD and Audio Tape are often limited in their effectiveness for this reason, as they usually are commercially produced on a large scale applying one approach to everyone. Research also indicates that recordings are not as effective as live sessions. This is not to say that tailored recordings on CD and Audio Tape do not have some value. Indeed as part of our Become a Non Smoker Programmes at Tranquil Spirit if you wish us to we make a tailored recording on CD to complement the live hypnotherapy session for a charge of 20.

In view of the above the specific approach adopted will vary according to the individual, but we give below an indication of our general approach at Tranquil Spirit.

Having decided that you want to stop smoking we explore any motivations, reasons or pressures eg: social pressures, that you may have to continue with the smoking habit. Sometimes residual motivations can linger long after they are relevant eg: many people start smoking during their teenage years as a coming of age rite. We then identify with you those situations in which you commonly smoke and the things that trigger smoking. All of this would be discussed with you during the Assessment phase, but certain aspects could be further explored under hypnosis if necessary. Some people find this helpful as they are not always fully consciously aware of all the aspects of their smoking habit.

Within hypnosis we would use whichever approaches are most relevant and most likely to succeed for you. As an example these may include some of the following:

  • Reframing the original reasons that you started smoking.

  • Systematic desensitisation to help you feel more relaxed in situations which would previously have triggered smoking and to feel relaxed about not smoking in general.

  • Finding alternative, positive ways of dealing with emotions which may have triggered smoking.

  • Suggestions to reduce the pleasurable aspects of smoking, whatever these are for you and creating negative associations in their place.

  • Explore the negative consequences of smoking.

  • Generally make you comfortable with your new identity as a non smoker.

  • Reinforce your own identified motivations and perceived rewards and benefits to become a non smoker.

  • Develop control over the urge to smoke.

  • Reduce negative thoughts and doubts and reinforce your confidence in your ability to succeed.

  • Develop new ways of finding relaxation and enjoyment without drifting into other negative habits such as overeating.

  • Seeing yourself in the future as a content non smoker.

The above is not exhaustive but will give you an indication of the general approach. All of the above would involve the use of direct and indirect suggestions, visualisation, imagery, reframing of how you view smoking and your new identity as a non smoker, etc. Because we are working together with your unconscious mind we are tapping into resources to help you change which are usually not easily accessible to your conscious mind.

Sequence of the Stop Smoking / Become a Non Smoker Hypnotherapy Programmes

We offer three different programmes to assist you to stop smoking:

One-off Hypnotherapy Session to Stop Smoking

There is a one-off session of two hours for people who wish to stop smoking. This is sufficient for most people. The total cost of the session is 95 (inclusive of assessment). As said above, while there are general tried and tested approaches within hypnotherapy to assist people to stop smoking the chances of success are greater if the approach is tailored to you as an individual. This is why time set aside for Assessment is important. Optional booster sessions (one hour) for 50 are available should you wish.

Four Session Hypnotherapy Programme to Stop Smoking

For some people a longer period of hypnotherapy may be more effective. We therefore also offer a four session programme to stop smoking for a total of 195 including the Assessment. It is possible to combine Sessions 1 and 2 in a two hour session if you wish. The programme involves:

  • Session 1: Assessment (1 hour).

  • Session 2 (One hour).

  • Daily practice and brief weekly telephone feedback to hypnotherapist.

  • Session 3 (One hour). One to two weeks after first session.

  • Daily practice and brief weekly telephone feedback to hypnotherapist.

  • Session 4 (One hour). Two to three weeks after second session.

  • Daily practice.

One Session Group Hypnotherapy Programme to Stop Smoking

In certain circumstances, where there is sufficient in common both between the motivations of people and the situations/circumstances in which they smoke, it may be possible to arrange a Group Programme. Therefore, if you have a group of friends/colleagues who wish to stop smoking and your circumstances are similar you may wish to contact us to discuss a Group Programme. This can be organised on the lines of the One Session model. There is a reduction of 15 per person for three or more people. There is a reduction of 10 per person for two people.

For all the above programmes if you wish we will make a tailored recording on CD to complement the live hypnotherapy session for a charge of 20. This is more appropriate for the longer stop smoking programmes. The CD can then be used in your own home to reinforce the work we have done in the "live session/s". This has generally been found to be the best way to produce audio recordings that will be effective.
NB: This is always subject to the technology working on the day resulting in a successful recording. I edit the recording, burn it to a CD and then hand it to you or forward it by post. If the original recording did not take the 20 will be refunded.

Will Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Work for Me?

The short answer to this is that no one can give a cast iron prediction for you as an individual. All that can be said is that the majority of people benefit from hypnotherapy to stop smoking and it can make the difference between stopping and not stopping. I do not make claims as some sites do about success rates as I feel that this can be misleading. For example if someone claims a 90% success rate it just raises a lot of questions. For example, over what time period have the people not smoked: one month, six months, one year? Who undertook the research? Success rates should ideally be based upon independent research. The general independent research that has been conducted on hypnotherapy using the latest methods to help people stop smoking indicates that claims of anything like 90% are over optimistic. The research also indicates that prolonged approaches, eg: three sessions over a period of time, significantly improve success rates over one session approaches. However, for many people one session works. If you choose to go for the one session approach with us you can always have a booster session later.

Rarely I have had the occasional person come back to me for a further session. A typical example which I think it would be of benefit to share with you is the following scenario. The person said that they had had no craving or urges to smoke even after six months. One day they thought "Oh, I'll just have one to see what it's like, because I can easilly stop again." Of course once they did that they quickly found themselves back into their old pattern of smoking. The situation was remedied when they came back to me for further hypnotherapy. Of course during that six months their health and well being had improved and they had covered the cost of both the original and follow up hypnotherapy sessions many times over. The lesson is that you really need to want to stop. There cannot be any half measures and you cannot afford to experiment by having a cigarette because you don't experience the intensity of the old craving.

Writing up the above story reminds me of another one it may be useful to share. Someone else came to me for a booster session. She had been to another hypnotherapist initially and, as in the case of the person mentioned above, had been pleased that after many months she was not smoking. However one day she decided to have an "experimental" cigarette. This person had paid 500 for her first session and the hypnotherapist had offered a lifetime guarantee with free booster sessions. The person had received one free booster session but then couldn't trace the hypnotherapist because he had moved. So, if you do decide to go to a hypnotherapist who offers lifetime guarantees (which will usually involve a substantial fee) then you need to check out any potential future difficulty in contacting them. This is even more important if they are based in a more transient situation such as commercial offices.

Contact Details

If you feel we may be able to help you through hypnotherapy please do not hesitate to contact us. You can always telephone us for a chat without any obligation. You can phone us on 01606 590 288 or Mobile: 07904 162904 or please click here to send me a message using a Contact Form.

Our postal address is:

Paul McGlone
Tranquil Spirit,
11 Barnside Way,
CW9 8PT.

"Tranquil Spirit" is only 15 mins by car from Junction 18 (Holmes Chapel Junction) on the M6 .

We are 2.9 miles/7 mins by road from Winsford Railway Station 3.7 miles/10 mins by road from Hartford Railway Station both stations being on the Birmingham New Street to Liverpool Lime Street line operated by London Midland. You can view a timetable by Clicking Here

We are 12 mins/4.6 miles by road from Northwich Railway Station and 10 mins/3.6 miles by road from Greenbank Railway Station both stations being on the Manchester Picadilly to Chester line operated by Northern. You can view a timetable by Clicking Here

There are also regular bus services from the Northwich, Winsford, Crewe and Warrington directions.

We can provide fuller directions at the time of arranging a visit.

Home Visits

If you do not live nearby and it would be difficult for you to travel to us it may still be possible for us to do a home visit if you live in the Cheshire, Merseyside or Greater Manchester areas. If you opt for this you will need to ensure the use of a room which will be relatively quiet and free from disturbance. Please contact me for further details.

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