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Hypnotherapy in Moulton, Northwich, Cheshire, near Chester, Crewe, Runcorn, Warrington and Manchester

Choosing / Finding a Hypnotherapist or Past Life Therapist

Tranquil Spirit Hypnotherapy - Qualified and Registered Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapist: Paul McGlone, BSc(Hons)Soc, DipCD, FETC, CertED, MTSH.Dip.(Hyp), HPD, GQHP, Cert NLP, Cert.PLR., GHR Reg

I am a qualified and registered hypnotherapist in Moulton, Northwich, Cheshire, near Chester, Crewe, Runcorn, Warrington and Manchester using hypnosis within hypnotherapy for a wide range of conditions. I also offer past life regression and past life therapy. We are within easy traveling distance of Altrincham, Sale, Lymm, Knutsford, Holmes Chapel, Sandbach, Nantwich, Tarporley, Tarvin, Wilmslow and other towns in the Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire, and Lancashire areas.

Choosing / Finding a Qualified and Registered Hypnotherapist or Past Life Therapist

Even if you live in another part of the UK and therefore cannot consider coming to us due to distance, you may wish to consider the following when choosing a hypnotherapist.

As with many Alternative and Complementary Therapies it is only recently that there have been moves nationally to regulate hypnotherapy as a profession. At the present time the training which individual hypnotherapists have undertaken varies considerably. However, it may be useful to bear in mind the following factors.

Hypnotherapist Qualifications in the UK

Do not be impressed by the mere presence of letters after someone's name. Letters are only significant if you know what they mean. There are an astounding number of variations in relation to hypnotherapy qualifications and their related letters and there are a considerable number of different training schools for hypnotherapists in the UK. If the hypnotherapist does not explain their letters/qualifications on their web site you should ask them for further details.

Another thing to be aware of is that there are a number of training schools in the UK which offer correspondence courses in hypnotherapy. People who have completed such courses will be entitled to put certain letters after their name. While the content of some of these courses is very good, it is desirable for a person to have also had practical training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy as part of their required training experience. Most of the various national professional associations for hypnotherapists in the UK have built in some safeguards in relation to this within their membership requirements which I will explain in the following section.

In addition to the specific professional qualifications which a particular hypnotherapist has you may wish to consider other factors.

In addition to their qualifications relating specifically to hypnotherapy, hypnotherapists will often also include letters after their name which indicate other qualifications which they have achieved. These may relate to professional qualifications in other areas or may be academic qualifications. As with qualifications related to hypnotherapy, the range and variation of letters can be bewildering. (eg: "BA" or "BSc" indicates someone who has studied to University Degree level. Any further elaboration will indicate the subject area of the degree eg: "BSc(Soc)" is generally a Degree in Sociology). It is not possible to give detailed explanations of all the variations and abreviations here. You should either ask the hypnotherapist or alternatively a little research on the internet will generally quickly clarify the meaning.

Membership of a National Professional Association for Hypnotherapists or Past Life Therapists

The main thing to watch for is that a hypnotherapist does belong to a reputable professional association for hypnotherapists such as the ones mentioned below. Some hypnotherapists join more than one of the associations. Some have joined a long list of professional associations. This has little significance and is sometimes entered into for advertising/marketing reasons. At Tranquil Spirit we belong to reputable professional associations but we do not join other associations unnecessarilly as we wish to control our running costs as part of our efforts to keep our fees moderate and to try to ensure that our service is accessible to all.

The larger Professional Associations for Hypnotherapists in the UK eg: the General Hypnotherapy Register, the Hypnotherapy Society, and the National Council for Hypnotherapy have established minimum training/qualification requirements which they see as a baseline for practising as a professional hypnotherapist in the UK. Since 2002 these training requirements and hypnotherapy practice itself have been informed by the National Occupational Standards for Hypnotherapy which were established in that year. These standards may be viewed on many of the websites of the professional associations.

Terms such as "Licentiate", "Licentiate Member", "Full Member", "Registered", "Registered Member", "Registered Hypnotherapist","Accredited", "Accredited Member", while relating to different forms of membership, are likely to indicate that the Professional Association deems that the person is suitably qualified to practice as a hypnotherapist in the UK.

You should also note that such Associations offer a different kind of membership for people who have an interest in hypnotherapy but are not qualified and do not necessarily wish to become a hypnotherapist in the future. Therefore, terms such as "Affiliate", "Associate", "Student Member", "Patron" may either indicate people who fall into this category or who are currently undertaking training.

Most of the Associations also require that hypnotherapists must provide evidence of having appropriate insurance cover and to abide by a code of ethics in order to qualify for membership at practitioner level.

National Register / Directory / Lists of Hypnotherapists and Past Life Therapists

There is no definitive single National Register or Directory for Hypnotherapy / Hypnotherapists or for Past Life Regression or Past Life Therapy. Many professional associations for hypnotherapists or past life therapists and training schools provide lists of hypnotherapists who are either registered with the particular organisation or have trained with them. Some of these lists may be described as a "National Register", but this merely indicates that it is a list of their members working in the UK. Some of these organisations, particularly some of the training schools, may be quite small and may have set up a professional association initially aimed at their own students.

Three of the largest professional associations providing national lists of their members are the the General Hypnotherapy Register, the Hypnotherapy Society, and the National Council for Hypnotherapy.

In searching the internet you may also come across other National / Register / Directory lists of hypnotherapists. These may sometimes be lists of hypnotherapists "specialising" in certain conditions/approaches. These can often be mainly commercial advertising/marketing sites for which a hypnotherapist would have to pay a fee in order to be listed. In my opinion if you wish to search for a range of qualified and registered hypnotherapists it is useful to start with one or more of the main professional associations such as those indicated above.

Using the Internet to Search for a Hypnotherapist or Past Life Therapist

As in other areas the internet is fast becoming the main tool to find and select a hypnotherapist. Many hypnotherapists, myself included, now mainly rely upon the internet to advertise their services. Unfortunately, this also has resulted in people seeing commercial opportunities to "help" people in their searches through a growing proliferation of websites specialising in health / therapy related lists. Some of these may serve a purpose, but many are purely for advertising and in fact can make it more difficult to find a range of local hypnotherapists as they tend to have the effect of knocking many individual hypnotherapist sites further down the listings. A hypnotherapist being listed on such lists has no significance other than for advertising which of course has to be paid for through clients' fees.

Google has tended to become the primary search engine which people use to search the internet. However, no search engine is perfect, Google included. A search for a hypnotherapist in your local area can generate the website of a hypnotherapist living in the opposite part of the country or someone trying to sell a book on hypnotherapy and so on. This results in part from "mugging" of search engines by use of key words inappropriate to the particular site or by other devices. No search engine is immune from this and they seem unable at the present time to stop such practices, even when they contravene the search engines' stated policies. In order to get a range of relevant results for your local area it is probably desirable to use two or three search engines. For instance Altavista, Yahoo or Ask are some of the other search engines that you might use in your search for a local hypnotherapist. It is also usually more effective to be as specific as possible in your search for a hypnotherapist. For example if you lived in Manchester and your concern is to stop smoking it is better to include these words in your search rather than just hypnotherapy + manchester.

Important Personal Factors to Consider in Selecting a Hypnotherapist or Past Life Therapist

Finding a hypnotherapist whom you feel at ease with is what you particularly need to aim for. Other factors may be relevant here such as more general aspects of the hypnotherapist's background, their philosophy and approach as well as their personality and how this harmonises with your own. This is why it is important to get to know your potential hypnotherapist perhaps initially through a phone conversation which can then be followed up with getting to know each other a little better through the Initial Consultation before the therapy sessions commence. The information and tone of the hypnotherapist's web site may also give you an initial indication if they are likely to be the one for you. Focus on the tone and content rather than the presentation. Soothing colours, impressive graphics, etc are good to look at but when it comes down to it focusing on content will help you to make the best choice.

Costs of Hypnotherapy and Past Life Therapy

The fees charged by individual hypnotherapists may vary significantly. A major factor affecting the fees set by a hypnotherapist is likely to be whether they operate from home or whether they have to pay for commercial office premises. The overheads involved in the latter case are obviously considerable and the hypnotherapist will have to cover these costs within the fees charged to clients. These overheads will also vary across different areas of the UK as there is significant variation in the cost of commercial premises. Consequently low fees do not necessarily mean a low quality service no more than high fees mean a good quality service.

Statements of Competence

You should be wary of any hypnotherapist who "guarantees" success. This is not something that can be guaranteed. Also, if you see advertisements of "90% success" or similar claims of high success rates in relation to stopping smoking or anything else you should ask to see the independent research which proves the claim. General research does not indicate such high success rates.

Similarly you will find that some hypnotherapists offer "lifetime guarantees" and free follow up sessions if for instance the hypnotherapy session to stop smoking isn't successful the first time. You are likely to find that the initial fees may take account of this possible eventuality.

Testimonials should also be treated with some caution. Some professional associations prohibit their members from displaying testimonials.

It is also important to take account of the total package when selecting a hypnotherapist. For, rather than thinking "I'll choose this hypnotherapist because she said she could treat me in three sessions and the other hypnotherapist said it would take four," it is worth trying to make sure you are comparing like with like.

What is the Significance of NHS and BUPA Registered Provider Numbers and "NHS Registered" / "BUPA Registered"?

Some hypnotherapists publicise these registration numbers or state they are "NHS registered" / "BUPA Registered" on their web sites or in their literature. Others do not. There is no special significance in these registration numbers or in statements of registration. It does not signify NHS or BUPA approval of the hypnotherapist. Any service provider can apply for one. The NHS and BUPA issue them for administrative purposes in order to pay for services eg: if someone is referred by their GP and the service is going to be paid for from NHS funds. In the case of BUPA funding a person must be referred by their BUPA consultant.

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