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Reiki Courses - Background Information

Hi, I'm Eileen. I thought you would like to know a little about me and the way I run my Reiki workshops at our home in Moulton, Northwich, Cheshire. I'm married and have two daughters and two grandchildren. Here is a photo of me with Paul. I became interested in Reiki after I had become a Trainee Healer with the World Federation of Healing. I knew it would take me two years to complete that course and I was keen to get started on my own. At that time I was working as a social work team manager for a local authority and was fitting my healing work in and around my day job. I used my lunch breaks, evenings and weekends to pass on the healing to others. In 2002 I took early retirement and since then have had more time to offer to my passion in life.

I believe Reiki should be available to everyone who wants it. With all the troubles in the world today and a need, more than ever before, for world peace, it is, in my view, essential that as many people as possible learn how to attune and channel the life force energies. If we do this collectively we can then bring about, not only self healing, and healing of others, but also an improvement in the world in which we live. With this in mind I have been keen to keep the cost of my courses as low as possible.

I am a very practical, down to earth person, (I have needed to be in my profession), so I have always favoured the simple traditional approach to Reiki. Therefore I keep my teaching as much as possible to the way it was originally taught. Ritual is kept to the minimum and only used where I feel it can enhance the student's appreciation of Reiki and their ability to attune to the energies. For those students who do require additional techniques some are included at the back of the manual and are clearly marked as "Reiki Extras". I will also be happy to share with students any additional techniques that I personally have found useful complements to Reiki.

I feel well qualified to teach Reiki. Apart from my Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate, my work and professional training have provided me with many of the skills required to teach others. My previous work has required sensitivity, counselling skills and the ability to teach, supervise and support others in a variety of settings.

My students will receive Three Attunements for Reiki First Degree. This offers the student a gradual, gentle awakening to the Reiki energies. In Second Degree you will receive a Western Attunement and a Japanese Empowerment.

When you complete your course you will receive a Certificate for the appropriate Level.

Please ring me on Mobile 07904 162904 for further information on any of the Courses. Alternatively please click here to send me a message using a Contact Form.

Love and Best wishes,


Details of Eileen's Reiki Lineage

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