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Reiki Training Courses at Tranquil Spirit, Moulton, Northwich, Cheshire, near Chester, Crewe, Runcorn, Warrington and Manchester


Please note: this programme is flexible and will be adjusted according to students' needs. For example I use the last part of the day to ensure that I've covered all ethical matters relating to Reiki but in reality these matters are covered throughout the day as questions arise. Also the meditations could vary according to need and how the time is spent during the day. It could be as late as 1-00pm before we stop for lunch. I always have some biscuits to hand so please feel free to ask me to stop for a break if required.

Arrive 10am:

Background to Reiki

What is Reiki
How does it compare to other systems
A brief history of Reiki
Dr Usui's Precepts

1st Attunement (Short Meditation)

Chakras (A brief overview. What are they and where do they fit in to all this?)

Chair method of giving Reiki (Demonstration & practise

2nd Attunement (A Japanese Meditation: Hatsu Rei Ho)

1-00ish, Lunch

How to keep the Reiki channel strong and clear

About your energy channel and how it works
How to attune to energies
Why the practise of meditation and the daily use of the Usui precepts are important in keeping the energy channel clear

3rd Attunement (Healing Meditation)

Giving Reiki on a Treatment Couch (Demonstration & Practise)

Self Healing

Ethical matters (Covered throughout the day)

The post attunement adjustment period

Go through the Manual

The five week 'Homework Plan' (optional)

Final Questions

Receive your certificate

Finish any time up to 5pm

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