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Reiki Training Courses at Tranquil Spirit, Moulton, Northwich, Cheshire near Chester and Manchester

Reiki 2nd Degree Course Programme

Please note: this programme is flexible and will be adjusted according to the student's needs.

Arrive 10am:

Recap on progress since your Reiki 1st Degree

Background to Reiki 2nd Degree

The Reiki 2 Attunement (with meditation)

The Symbols

What are the symbols and where did they come from
How can we use them in healing

Distance Healing (techniques and ethics)

Meditation on the Symbols

Practise feeling the energy of the symbols with a partner

1-00ish, Lunch

Healing using the symbols (practise)

Using your intuition (Reiji Ho)
Experiment with a pendulum

Japanese Empowerment (Distance healing Meditation)

Further Self-Healing (a technique for healing past trauma)

Setting up in Practice (Ethics, Insurance & related matters)

Preparing for Mastership (teaching Reiki yourself)

Final Questions

Receive your certificate

Finish any time up to 5pm

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