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Spiritual Books: "Unfolding the Lotus: Spirit Reflections on Mediumship"

This is the second of our spiritual books and ebooks given to us through spirit communication.

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Back Cover Description

Communicating through trance mediumship, an evolved spirit guide, Hai, and other spirits, offer guidance on how we can all develop mediumship. A wide range of topics is discussed; guides, mechanisms of communication, dangers of prediction, difficulties of communication and the problem of 'contamination' by the medium's mind. Guidance is given on how to approach the interpretation of spirit messages and, to enable the reader to facilitate development, a sample of meditations and a range of exercises are also provided. For those who are interested in Physical Mediumship, the experience of the medium's group in sitting for Physical Phenomena is another feature of this book.

Those who've read the authors' first book, 'Spirits Speaking from the Heart,' will be familiar with the humour of the spirit communicators. Here again, that sense of fun is never far away, as they impart their insights and guidance.

While not everyone can develop mediumship to an advanced level, the spirit communicators indicate, that most of us can develop a degree of awareness, of the loving energies that surround us. (265 pages approx.)

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Hai was asked whether he had a title in mind for this book. He answered:

"'Unfolding the Lotus' because the lotus is a beautiful flower. However when the petals of the lotus are closed you cannot see its inner beauty, but as the petals of the lotus unfold you see its beauty in all its glory. And it is a bit like that with your development, with the development of your 'third eye'.

Before you know anything about your 'third eye' it is just a total mystery to you but then you get flashes of insight and you start to acknowledge its existence, its reality and its purpose and you start to see the glimmerings of its beauty. As you practise and develop and as your skill becomes more refined, you see this lotus manifest as it opens itself out to you, to your full view, and you may see its glory in all its beauty.

Therefore, 'Unfolding the Lotus' is a title that we are happy with, for the centre of the lotus is unknown to those who have not seen it, but to those whom it has opened itself out to; it can be seen in all its radiant beauty."

We give below some details to give you a little of the flavour of the book.

Outline of Contents

  • The Phoenix Group
  • Eileen's Note
  • Introduction

PART 1 Mediumship Basics
  • Chapter 1 Principles & Process of Communication
  • Chapter 2 Influence of Guides & Helpers
  • Chapter 3 Ethics & Responsibilities of Mediumship
  • Chapter 4 Difficulties of Communication
  • Chapter 5 Thomas: Communication & Protection
  • Chapter 6 A Private Sitting

PART 2 Exercises for Development
  • Chapter 7 Chan Chou: Cupped Hands & Blank Screen Exercises
  • Chapter 8 Jacob Session 1: Purpose of Mediumship
  • Chapter 9 Jacob Session 2: Different Forms of Communication
  • Chapter 10 Jacob Session 3: Problems During Communication
  • Chapter 11 Jacob Session 4: Giving Messages
  • Chapter 12 Jacob Session 5: Interpretation of Symbolism
  • Chapter 13 Jacob Session 6: Philosophy Night
  • Chapter 14 Jacob Session 7: The Need for Practise
  • Chapter 15 Jacob Session 8: More about Contacting Guides
  • Chapter 16 Jacob's Workshop
  • Chapter 17 Hai & Jonathan: Exercises & Interpreting Images

PART 3 Meditation & Its Value
  • Chapter 18 Development through Meditation
  • Chapter 19 Isleen: How to Understand & Use Images in Medtiation
  • Chapter 20 A Selection of Meditations

PART 4 A Selection of Spirit Guest Speakers
  • Chapter 21 James: 'Guides & Other Things'
  • Chapter 22 WB: 'The Orchestrator'
  • Chapter 23 Ada: 'A Light Interlude'
  • Chapter 24 Carol: 'Spirit Connection'
  • Chapter 25 Joseph: 'Why Spirits Communicate'

PART 5 The Development of Trance Mediumship
  • Chapter 26 The Process of Trance
  • Chapter 27 Isleen: The Difficulties of Trance

PART 6 Physical Mediumship/ Phenomena
  • Chapter 28 Questions on Physical Mediumship/Phenomena
  • Chapter 29 Tools to help Physical Phenomena
  • Chapter 30 WB: Talking about Physical Phenomena
  • Chapter 31 Jon: Lighting
  • Chapter 32 Lennox: Get the Music Right
  • Chapter 33 Jonathan The Scientist
  • Chapter 34 Harold: Energy Changes
  • Chapter 35 Jacob & Bill: More about Energies
  • Chapter 36 Jonah: The Governing Council
  • Chapter 37 Stevenson: Evidence

  • Chapter 38 General Questions
  • Chapter 39 More about the Phoenix Group

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