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Spiritual Books: "Visitors from Spirit"

This is the third of our spiritual books and ebooks given to us through spirit communication.

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Back Cover Description

Readers of the authors' earlier books will be familiar with the communications of the Phoenix Spirit Group. The present book is devoted to the communications of spirit visitors who have made guest appearances to share experiences and learning from their previous earthly lives.

Here you will meet scores of these visitors including Isabella who lived in the 18th century who was thought by her contemporaries to have "airs and graces", liked to create a stir when entering a room and was over attached to her clothes. Some seemed to learn and develop through the very nature of their occupation such as James, a dragoon in the early 19th century who learned calmness and to live in the moment. The anonymous gangster who was engaged in protection rackets reflected deeper flaws in character than Isabella but demonstrates how all may transmute themselves in time. Some learned from difficult life experiences or circumstances such as Elena, living in the late 1700s, who was overcome by grief upon the death of her husband, the pain clouding her vision and extinguishing her hope. She now wishes she could dry all the tears of those affected by grief and give them a "rose of hope".

(205 pages approx.)

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Below is what Hai said about what he hoped to achieve from writing this book.

“We bring these 'Guest Speakers' (spirit visitors) to you to give them an opportunity to share with you their experiences upon the earth plane, for these speakers have had many varied experiences, many varied lifetimes. And through these lifetimes, and the difficulties they faced in them, they have become more aware of the opportunities for growth through the earthly life. They have grown and learnt through the opportunities, which they experienced upon earth and they wish to share these experiences and their reflections upon these experiences with you.”

But you may learn and take from them what you can, as a way of adding to the experience of your own lives, as a way of enriching your own experience of life. You may learn and take from these reflections things that we hope will be of benefit to you, to your understanding. We hope that it will broaden and deepen your understanding and that through these understandings, your time on the earthly plane may be enriched and indeed you may, through reflecting upon these experiences of others grow more quickly, more comfortably, more easily. (Hai)

We give below some details to give you a little of the flavour of the book.

Outline of Contents

  • Eileen's Note and Introduction
  • Hai's Message
  • Chapter 1: Relating With Others
  • Chapter 2: Non-Attachment
  • Chapter 3: Disability
  • Chapter 4: Building a Business on Love
  • Chapter 5: Balance
  • Chapter 6: Emotions
  • Chapter 7: Enforcing the Law
  • Chapter 8: Two Messages of Comfort
  • Chapter 9: Worhtiness
  • Chapter 10: Meet the "Sticky Guys"
  • Chapter 11: Help Others
  • Chapter 12: Ego & Steadfastness
  • Chapter 13: Power & War
  • Chapter 14: A Bit of Fun
  • Chapter 15: Tolerance
  • Chapter 16: Don't Work So Hard, Chill Out
  • Chapter 17: Wil-fred
  • Chapter 18: The Magic of Children
  • Chapter 19: Jonathan
  • Chapter 20: Crime
  • Chapter 21: Medicine "A Glimpse of the Future"
  • Chapter 22: Loving Kindness
  • Chapter 23: Music in the Spirit World
  • Chapter 24: Jonathan the Peddler
  • Chapter 25: Honoria & Thomas
  • Chapter 26: Jonas' Story
  • Chapter 27: Dorothy
  • Chapter 28: An Island Land Owner
  • Chapter 29: The Parson
  • Chapter 30: Tom
  • Chapter 31: James the Drinker
  • Chapter 32: James of Boston
  • Chapter 33: Tom the Town Crier
  • Chapter 34: The Need for Change
  • About the Authors

Sample Extract

Elena (1780). Message: Emotion can cloud reality

A member of the group connected with Elena before she came through to talk to us. The group member saw her clairvoyantly and described her in a white wedding dress and a veil. We think she decided to show herself in this way to portray her message to us. Elena began the conversation by telling us:

Elena: I am Elena. I am she who one of you connected with a short time ago.

The member of the group who Elena had connected with asked:

Q: Are you looking for someone, Elena?

Elena: I lost someone when I was on your plane but I have found him again now. My husband died long before I, but now we are united again. It is hard when you are on the earth plane because the feeling of separation is so final, so lasting, so fearsome. It is hard to look beyond the veil and know, and feel that you will be united again, that all will be made well again. It is so hard to see that, to understand deep within your heart. So you become morose, preoccupied and lose that spirit you once had when your loved one was with you. Is this not sad? (Started to cry)

Q: Are you happy now?

Elena continued to cry. We asked:

Q: Has coming here brought the sadness back?

Elena: Reconnecting with the sadness, feeling that sadness is so penetratingly deep (stopped crying). But now it has passed, now we are one again. But I reach out to all on earth who are in such mortal sadness and feel their sadness keenly. I would, if I could, reach out with a kerchief to dry their eyes, each and every one, but I give each and every one a rose of hope, a bloom of hope that all, truly, will be made right, all will be made well again.

Q: Did you ever come to terms with your loss?

Elena: No. I had hope but not that real hope, that hope which gives nourishment and joy, hope which grows in the tree. My hope was a fickle thing of little strength and ruled by the pain and sadness, withering all hope away. So painful was it.

Q: Was your husband young when he died, Elena?

Elena: Yes.

Q: Were you married long?

Elena: No, some years but less than ten. I should have seen the sunrise and looked upon it with hope.

Q: Did you have children to help you, Elena?

Elena: No.

Q: Did you meet your husband straight away when you passed?

Elena: Yes, after a short sojourn, for there were those who needed to help me, to advise me, to guide me, for my pain for my sadness interfered still. So, my friends the lesson is; emotions can cloud our reality, prevent us from seeing reality. So my friends I beg you never to let sadness or anger or despair or any such feeling cloud your vision, prevent you from seeing hope. Bye my friends.

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