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Spiritual Books: "Walking the Path - Spirit Reflections on Earthly Life"

This is the third of our spiritual books and ebooks given to us through spirit communication.

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Back Cover Description

The principles and perspectives discussed by the spirit communicators in this book point to a “path” providing an anchor point and a route through in responding to all the circumstances and challenges in our life and indeed to our own individual characteristics and weaknesses. As we are human though, Hai says that we will naturally wander off the path from time to time to explore the byways. Some of these byways will not be conducive to our welfare but through exploring these very byways we may still find ourselves drawn back to the path; everything can be transmuted for good.

The present book is therefore not a manual on how to walk the spiritual path. Rather it proposes principles and perspectives arising from the reflections of spirits who once walked the earth as we do on their experiences and the difficulties and issues they faced while living an earthly life. It is an account of their struggles with their own weaknesses and life conditions. In reflecting upon and sharing their own experiences they hope that we may learn something of value and be helped towards finding an easier and more fulfilling path to tread during our own earthly experience.

(216 pages approx.)

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Below is what Hai said about what he hoped to achieve from writing this book.

<"The main thing is we wish people to have sense of being on a journey, yes, on the road, on the path. But it is not a straight path like many of your religious teachers of yesteryear would have spoken of, not a straight path, but a meandering path. Some meanders are of your own choosing, yes, get you into trouble; (laughs) some meandering is due just to the nature of the journey through the physical world. But all the experiences are good experiences at the end of the day though we do not include in that those whom intentionally harm others. But those experiences, which you have, are all learning experiences and all can be transmuted for good, all without exception." (Hai)

Cover Photograph: Scene near Oliver in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada

We give below some details to give you a little of the flavour of the book.

Outline of Contents

  • The Phoenix Group
  • Introduction
  • Conversation between Eileen & Hai
  • Chapter 1: The One Mind
  • Chapter 2: Letting Go
  • Chapter 3: Patience
  • Chapter 4: Boston Joe
  • Chapter 5: Relationships & Marriage
  • Chapter 6: The Bible, Religion & Fixed Thinking
  • Chapter 7: Emotions—Earth & Spirit
  • Chapter 8: Conversation with Davia & Jacob
  • Chapter 9: Karma & Coming Back
  • Chapter 10: Social Conditions (And More)
  • Chapter 11: Relationships & Patience
  • Chapter 12: The Interconnectedness of All
  • Chapter 13: The Power of Motivation and Life Plan
  • Chapter 14: Transformation, Fear, Balance & Life Plan
  • Chapter 15: Patience & Responsibility for Self
  • Chapter 16: Walking The Path
  • Chapter 17: Children & Education
  • Chapter 18: Conversations with Hai
  • Chapter 19: Concepts, Theories & Harmony
  • Chapter 20: Moving On
  • Chapter 21: The ‘Sticky Guys’
  • Chapter 22: General Questions
  • About the Authors

Sample Extract

Someone asked Hai about her life purpose and whether she was on a spiritual path. As usual Hai expanded the question to include the wider audience. He told us:

Hai: You must know, all of you, that you all have a life purpose, that you are all on the spiritual road, spiritual progression; there is no way of avoiding this. You are all on a spiritual path. Therefore, you too are on a spiritual path (smiles) whether you like it or not; this cannot be avoided. So you should not worry about whether you are on a spiritual path or not because you have to be. Too many people create a distinction between what they see as physical and what they see as spiritual. The two are interwoven inseparably. Even our two worlds are interwoven inseparably, you on your plane and we on ours. You call your plane physical, we refer to our plane as the spiritual worlds, but in truth, in essence we are all living within the spiritual world. We are all spiritual beings; there is no separation, no distinction in this.

Therefore, you should all walk on, walk on and make your decisions, make your decisions as wisely as you are able to. For as we walk on we learn, we grow, we develop, we evolve. There are no short cuts to this. (Smiles) We cannot give you what you call 'painting by numbers' (smiles) yes, you understand? We cannot give you painting by numbers. This 'painting by numbers' that you have on your plane, it is interesting. But would you say that you could have a great artist in someone who has just learnt painting by numbers? Would this person be admired for their skill as an artist? No, they would not. And so it is with our lives. We cannot give you 'painting by numbers'. We cannot give you decisions. We cannot give you the numbers to paint by. You must make your own decisions; you must reach your own conclusions. As painful as this is, this is the way to eternal growth; this is the way to unfoldment, to enlightenment. And if you would see the view from the mountaintop you must walk the harsh path up the mountain. It is no use being transported up there. You must learn and grow from walking the mountain path, one step at a time. The view is so much better, so much more fulfilling when you have walked the path yourself by your own efforts and at the mountain peak you have so much more within you than if you had taken a helicopter there.

Q: You said we shouldn't take the helicopter up to the top of the mountain we should walk. I agree, but it would be easier if we had a map, otherwise I might walk around the mountain instead of up.

Hai: No, you do not need a map to walk up the mountain; you just have to follow upwards (laughs loudly). Sometimes you meet the cliff-face and you have to decide whether to go around the cliff-face or should you climb the challenge of the cliff-face. If you climb the cliff-face you reap more benefit. But, you equally will achieve benefit by going around the cliff-face because all roads lead to the summit. You see - no big problem.

Isabelle followed that night. She had not found it so easy to balance her emotions and had spent her life keeping them under tight control. Isabelle talked to us about how her life experiences had influenced how she dealt with her emotions. She told us she'd lived in Jacobean times and said she was what we would describe as 'well to do'; she had several maids. Isabelle said she'd watched us from afar. Her voice was even and calm. Someone commented that she seemed a very calm person. Isabelle replied:

Isabelle: Yes I discovered that the best way to be in life was to be calm, collected and measured. I lived on my estate and I lived calmly and quietly. Some of this was brought on by experiences, which nudged me down the path of quietude. And as I have said, I was measured in my approach to life and people and I held my emotions rather in some rigid control. Controlled were my emotions in many ways, consciously.

Q: Was that caused by your upbringing?

Isabelle: It was to a point my upbringing, but not in any great measure, it was more consciously chosen on my part to be such. There were many I saw around me lose their heads over their schemes and their unbridled emotions and I saw no profit in it so I found the benefits of being measured and guarded in your emotions. But there was a price to pay, for where you control the emotions or you hold them within a net, then you become somewhat staid in your emotions in your life. You become less free and less spontaneous and less able to connect with those who are around you, less able to share the moment of life together, if you can follow what I say; for all the time you are living at one step removed from the reality of the present moment. It is like your emotions are out of kilter with the moment, out of kilter with the person who is in front of your eyes. It is like you have no emotional connection with them because your mind all the while is thinking, monitoring and controlling your emotions and, therefore, denying you the possibility of experiencing that emotional connection that you can experience with someone else. Is this clear to you?

And so the price, the strength of being able to control my emotions was a poverty of emotional connectedness with those whom I could have loved had I been freer. In some ways I think I came to the conclusion that I saw emotions as the fires of hell almost, knowing not where they would lead, like tinder taking light in the forest and the fire being unbridled and sweeping through; that is how I saw emotions. But in many ways I think my life was poorer for not experiencing emotion and in some ways I feel now that it is better to experience a not so refined emotion than to experience no emotion. But it was partly fear that made it so for I saw the consequences of those who let fly their emotions unchecked, untended.

Q: Did it stop you from getting married?

Isabelle: No it didn't stop me but I lost my husband because of his unbridled emotions. He was a redhead with instincts to match his red hair. He would, what you would term, 'fly off the handle' at the drop of a word, a glance, a wrong glance as he saw it and he would take offence. His emotions would burn like fire and lead him to the very experience of hell.

Q: When you say you lost him do you mean he lost his life?

Isabelle: He lost his life in a duel. His skill unfortunately did not always match the ferocity of his emotion.

Q: Have you met with him since?

Isabelle: Yes and he was regretful of the way he was. He can see the error of it now. But the trouble was it was a bit like he was all tied up from so many different directions and all they had to do was to tug and they would go off in whatever direction there was the tug. In other words he was not master of his own fate though he thought he was, (laughs) that is the irony of it, he thought he was. He would react to issues of honour for instance, not seeing that he had created the issue himself. But that is the way of it.

Q: And have you learnt how to express your emotions now?

Isabelle: Yes. The trouble is you see the mind works with black and white. Because something is not white it assumes it is black and because it is not black it assumes it is white whereas we need more refinement in our thinking, in our ability to think and weigh things up and to respond to causes in necessary ways. It is no bad thing to be measured in our response but we must be natural in our response too I think. Therefore, I think my calmness was an asset to me but it cooled the flame of fire, of passion too much. They used to joke about me as the widow Isabelle. They would ask, "is she alive or dead, I am not sure. (Laughs) She has no fire in her veins."

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