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Back Cover Description

Journey of a Trance Medium traces the development of Paul McGlone as a trance medium through all its stages over a period of 23 years.

Paul discusses early influences in his life: Growing up in a traditional Roman Catholic family, his struggles with mental health issues during his 20's, his experiences of other Christian traditions and his discovery of Zen Buddhism at 21 which was to prove to be an enduring and dominant influence upon his life. Given his Catholic background and his scepticism over the whole concept of trance mediumship he feels it is a wonder that he ever entered the path of becoming a trance medium.

Paul outlines his introduction to trance mediumship, and the long process of initial development through its ups and downs, hopes and fears. He discusses the development of the relationship with Hai and the other members of the Phoenix Spirit Group. Paul also discusses the meditation and development groups run at Eileen and Paul's homes, initially in Stockport and later in Northwich. Many public demonstrations have been provided over the years and many books published based on the communications of the Spirit Group. Paul also outlines and discusses his and Eileen's experience of sitting for physical phenomena.

Paul shares reflections upon his experiences while in trance and also discusses both his times of doubt and the evidence that has occurred. He reflects upon his experience of trance development and outlines principles which he considers may be useful for others seeking to develop trance.

Paul is a trance medium who has given demonstrations in Europe, Canada and the USA. He lives in Northwich, England with his wife Eileen.

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From the Introduction

The purpose of this book is to outline my development as a trance medium and the fruits of my mediumship. In some circles, and particularly in North America, trance mediumship may be known as a form of channeling. However, channeling tends to take many forms which may or may not include that particular form of spirit communication which displays itself in blending with the physical nervous system and in altering the physical disposition, mannerisms, vocal tone, etc of the medium. Therefore throughout this book I will refer to the more specific term of trance mediumship.

The most dramatic part of my development took part in the first couple of years when the connections with the Phoenix Spirit Group were forged and my mediumship was established. However, development is an ongoing process and so has continued over the 23 years since we first made contact with my main Spirit Guide, Hai (pronounced: Hay). This is a personal account of my own experiences on my own individual path of development. The experiences of other trance mediums will inevitably vary though there may also be some things in common. The book is not a manual of how to develop trance mediumship. I do not believe that such a thing is possible, though over the years some people have sought from me a "method" which they believe, if followed, will result in their development of trance mediumship. However, I do believe that there are useful principles and practices to follow in developing trance and I have tried to convey these in the book as well as my own observations and reflections which may prove helpful for those seeking to develop themselves.

In the first chapter I have outlined and discussed some of the early influences upon my life which have had an important impact upon my own personal path. The reader who is keen to get straight into the "business" of trance might wish to skip this chapter and start reading Chapter 2. For my own part the book would not have been complete without discussing these early influences, some of which may well have blocked the very possibility of any thought of developing trance if they had not been modified and in some cases superseded by other influences.

The book is not all about development of trance. It also outlines and discusses the developments over the years which have been the fruits of my trance mediumship, including the regular groups which we have run at our home, the books which have been written, and the demonstrations undertaken in Europe, Canada and the USA.

Trance mediumship is a very controversial subject. For those who are open to it I hope they will find in these pages useful reflections and discussions. Should any sceptics pick up this book I trust that they too may find something of interest if they can accept that trance is a subject worthy of study, even if the scientists who argue that it is a phenomenon created by the human unconscious mind are correct. The words of Hai and the other spirits who come through in trance display more wisdom, love and compassion than I am capable of in my conscious life.

Outline of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Early Influences
  • Chapter 2: Developing Mediumship
  • Chapter 3: Reaching Out
  • Chapter 4: Physical Phenomena
  • Chapter 5: Doubts and Evidence
  • Chapter 6: Reflections on Development
  • Chapter 7: The Essence of Hai's Teachings

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