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Spiritual Space Novel: "Ultimate Prophecy: A Spiritual Space Odyssey"

This is the first novel that we have published. The aim was to create a story which combined elements of space science fiction, with some of the spiritual themes of this website. You will find a storyline which includes, space drama and battles, the clash of civilisations, conflict over spiritual perspectives and aims, dilemnas over responsibilities and interests, all in the context of a story of earth's first contact with alien civilisations.

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Back Cover Description

The Pegasus sets out powered by the new Heregon system on its two-year voyage to explore the source of the weak signal detected by listening posts on earth and mars; the first concrete evidence of alien life. Its journey will bring it into contact with two very different civilisations shaped by very different perspectives on the universe. One is technologically more advanced than the earth. The other is more advanced technologically, socially and spiritually, it would seem, than most other civilisations in the universe. Will the crew of the Pegasus be embraced by their new hosts or does the earth ship bring difficulties and challenges that the host planet could do without? They have, after all, wreaked havoc to the status quo. The crew of the Pegasus find themselves unintentionally at the centre of a conflict of their own making, a conflict that will have consequences for earth. They marvel at the sights of the host planet, while recognising that they are at the mercy of their hosts, wondering if they will ever be able to return home

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Sample from Chapter 1: Arrival

Seth's body jolted as he simultaneously experienced a sense of overwhelming nausea. As his senses started to engage, he was only half aware of the upper lid of the stasis unit opening and clunking into its retaining position. With an effort he sat up, and swung his legs out to the side of the unit. He took some deep breaths and a long look around the ship's stasis module. Everything looked as it should, from here at least. After a few minutes he decided to risk easing himself down onto the floor. Looking back at the stasis unit he felt a relief to be out of it. Not that he remembered anything about the last two years, but his moderate claustrophobia had meant he had had to steal himself to get into the unit and endure the few minutes of entering stasis in the first place. The nausea got worse and he looked around for the post-stasis support area, thinking: "If you end up this disorientated after two years, I'd hate to think what five years would do". He located the dispenser. Not so different to how a coffee dispenser would look back at home, but he knew the resulting concoction was not going to be any treat for his taste buds. He pressed the button and the green foul looking liquid duly poured into the beaker. Knowing there was no point in sipping it like wine he downed it in one go trying to by-pass any sense of tasting the stuff, but only with partial success. He grimaced, but within a couple of minutes, sure enough, the nausea passed.

He suddenly thought: "Zeb should be out of stasis by now". The Medical and Technical Officers had been the logical choices to leave stasis first to ensure the well-being of the crew members and that everything went well with the stasis process. He made his way across to Zeb's stasis unit. Seth looked at the vital signs' readings with dismay. Zeb looked just the same as he had that day two years ago when they entered the Pegasus, but the readings showed no sign of life in the Medical Officer. Something had gone wrong, either with the stasis unit, or Zeb had had a medical emergency of some kind. Whatever the reason, Seth felt sad and depressed; he had really liked Zeb, even if he had been a little over religious. With a long sigh he thought: "Nothing to be done, but focus on the task in hand."

After doing a quick check of the other crew members' stasis units and satisfying himself that all was well, Seth decided to give himself a few more minutes to collect his thoughts before bringing the captain out of stasis. It wasn't as if there was any real urgency, and the automatic system would kick in and do it anyway if he didn't do it in the next hour; one of the fail-safe systems, in case anything went wrong. He thought back to the launch day, the culmination of two years of intensive and exhausting training for the mission, a project suddenly made possible by a simultaneous and fortuitous advance in both stasis and the Hegron propulsion technology. The trigger for the mission had been a weak signal detected about 100 light years out. No one had been able to decipher it. Insatiable human curiosity dictated "Let's go and investigate". Everyone on the crew was single, or had become single, and had no close family relationships, all inevitable self-selecting criteria given the four years plus round trip. Seth's mind turned back to the captain. Making his way over to the stasis unit he looked at the Captain's face. Captain Tyrell Jackson was no book astronaut. He had come up through the ranks and learnt from experience, and Seth knew some of those experiences had been hard. He didn't suffer fools lightly, but was a straight forward kind of guy; no edge to him. You knew what you were dealing with in Tyrell Jackson. Seth pressed the sequence of touch buttons to initiate the manual stasis disengagement process. In a couple of minutes the upper lid of the unit lifted and slid back. After what seemed an eternity the Captain's eyes suddenly opened and brief bewilderment transformed to awareness.

"Hi Captain, how are you doing?"

"I'm fine thanks", Seth prepared himself for the question that would inevitably follow. Tyrell brought himself to a sitting position and swung his legs over the side of the unit, rubbing his face with his big hands. Looking around as if searching, he said: "Where is Zeb?"

"Zeb didn't make it".

"What?!" Tyrell jumped off the unit launching himself in the direction of Zeb's unit only to nearly collapse onto the floor, had it not been for Seth catching him.

"Give yourself a moment to come fully to Tyrell".

The Captain, however, was in no mood to delay and just responded with: "Help me over to him". Seth duly helped him over to Zeb's unit. The dismay in the Captain's eyes echoed his own on first seeing Zeb's lifeless form in the stasis unit. "What went wrong?"

"I don't know; either something went wrong with the unit or Seth had some unexpected medical problem. The power to the unit is ok, but there are no vital signs readings at all."

Recovering from the shock, the Captain asked with some trepidation: "What about the others?"

"The other crew members all seem fine."

"Thank God for that! You bring Amara out, I'll do Holly's unit."

Seth went over to Amara's unit and initiated the process, Amara Saetan opened her green eyes with a start, like she'd come straight from a nightmare. "You ok, Amara?"

"Yea, I was having a dream about being chased by some weird alien animal."

"Well, that's appropriate at least. I gather you didn't get close enough to start studying his biology?", Seth said with a grin.

"No!". Too early for humour Seth concluded. The imagined animal must have given Amara a scary experience. Amara sat up and swung her legs around to the side of the unit, holding her head in both hands.

"Head not feeling too good after all the time in stasis?"

"No, feels like someone's taken a hammer to it."

"I can get you something for that." Seth went over to get some of the green remedy and brought the glass over to her. She started to drink. Seth glanced over to Tyrell and Holly. Tyrell must have just told her about Zeb as she was in tears. Amara followed his line of sight.

"What's the matter?"

"Zeb didn't make it. Something went wrong while he was in stasis." Whether it was the news or a delayed reaction to the green stuff, Amara started to throw up and on unsteady legs made a sudden dash for the sink on the other side of the room. Seth followed her over and pulled a generous wad of tissue from the roll as she continued to wretch. Surprised she had much to bring up after stasis he turned on the tap and engaged the evacuation system. He handed her the tissue paper and she cleaned up around her mouth. Her green eyes were watering as she looked up at him. Across the room Holly was now audibly sobbing, her downcast face hidden by her mass of red hair. Tyrell was trying his best to comfort her, but Amara and Seth both knew comforting skills were not the best part of Tyrell's skill set.

"I'd better go and see Holly", Amara said, though from her expression Seth could see she equally needed comforting. Seth nodded and watched as she walked over to Holly and put her arm around her shoulders. Tyrell came over to where Seth was standing.

"Holly's taken Zeb's death hard."

"Yeah, it's hard to take and the shock of it after coming out of stasis makes it worse", said Seth.

"We're screwed if any of us get seriously ill," Tyrell said. "I guess we'll have to rely on Amara. At least she's had a little medical training to supplement her Biology knowledge."

"We'd better take extra care to stay healthy then."

"Anyhow, we need to stay focused. We're only a few hours out from the source of the signal. We'd better get up to the bridge." Looking over to Amara and Holly, Tyrell called out: "Join us on the bridge when you're ready." Amara nodded.


Four hours on, all systems had been checked and all seemed well. Holly had recovered somewhat and confirmed from Engineering that the engines were running fine. The ship was functioning as intended. The sensors were picking up the alien signal loud and clear and the crew were straining their eyes into the distance to get an early glimpse of the signal's source. Then, suddenly, there it was. They could now see what appeared to be an alien beacon in the distance, small but discernible. It was too small to be anything other than some kind of transmitting device. Over the next thirty minutes their eyes remained glued to it as the distance closed and it grew larger in their vision. Eventually the ship's automated navigation system brought them to a stop 100 metres from the beacon. It was roughly cylindrical in shape, about 7 metres in length.

"Just a beacon then, no sign of any planet in the near distance?" Tyrell sounded a little deflated as he turned to Seth.

"No, but just now the beacon started to send out an additional signal on a focused beam aimed at a distant planetary system."

"Then the question is what do we do? Do we stay put and wait around here for a while or do we move the ship in the direction of the planetary system?"

"I vote we move forward", Amara said. "Don't want to just be sitting around waiting for something to happen. Who knows how long we would have to wait?"

"I agree with Amara", said Holly over the coms. "Never been keen on sitting around." Tyrell turned to Seth.

"Yeah, I'm game, but it's your call Captain."

"Ok, let's move forward. Update Mission Control on our status, current position, and new direction of travel Seth".

"Will do Captain."

The ship started to move beyond the beacon in the direction of the planetary system. Only twenty minutes had elapsed when Seth saw a new object on the sensors.

"There's a new object on the screen. It just appeared out of nowhere. Must be a ship. It's coming at speed and closing fast."

"Perhaps that new transmission of the beacon alerted its owners to our presence. But how did they get here so fast?" Tyrell turned to address Holly through the coms: "Bring the ship to a halt Holly. We'll wait for them here."

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